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To the Third Generation

I am writing today with great excitement, Living a Kairos Moment will have a men’s takeover.  Yes, we receive the  support of our  men who are growing in knowledge as well.

On June 17th at 10 am on Zoom, we will continue our Health is Wealth - Mens Addition.  There are so many things that affect our community and more so our brothers, sons, fathers, husbands and grandfathers. We as women no longer have to standby and watch our men suffer but we can become their advocate.

Jeremy Harley visionary of S.I.R. (Spiritual Intimate Relationship) and Dr. Corey Cole’s (Family Medicine Doctor, Primary Care Doctor) will collaborate on the spiritual and physical health of men.

I encourage you to register and join this session for the love of the men in your life. Share the link and invite others to this session. 

It will truly be a "Happy Father’s Day Celebration."

Upcoming Events: 

Health is Wealth: Men's Health is Wealth June 17th at 10 am Register 

Check us out on other platforms..check the links above.

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