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The Blueprint

Happy New Year! I'm not sure where I should start with this post but let's take a big inhale and a bigger exhale. I know some of us are excited about a new year, others may feel overwhelmed at the thought and the remaining are saying "it's just another year and another day." I've experienced these moments at some point in my life depending on the season I was in.

Proverbs 15:22 Without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors, they are established and {will} succeed. (AMP)

However, as I sat to send my blessing for the New Year to this community, I paused because I did not desire to be part of the hype but a voice of hmm let's say a few words of encouragement. I'm not a resolution pusher but I'm a purpose pusher. Yes, I said "Purpose Pusher".

A Purpose Pusher is likened to the Site Manager on the construction site, they have the idea of the project but they never make decisions without consulting the blueprints or the General Contractor. However, the Purpose Pusher's blueprint is called the Bible but the General Contractor is God.

From a Purpose Pusher, I encourage you to be intentional about reading your bible (the apps work too) or reading a daily devotion. Ponder what you read and ask God in prayer to show you how it is applicable to your life. Release the weight of thinking it has to be done a certain way, time, or place but flow organically. Desire to spend time with him this year. He is looking forward to spending time with you.

He will reveal the plans that he has for us in 2023, all we have to do is read, pray and listen. When living in purpose on purpose the calendar year changing is just like resetting the stopwatch of time to see the things God will do in us, with us, and for us in the year.

If you desire to become intentional about your life and Purpose Pusher is a person you need on your team, send me an email at to schedule a time for an appointment. Yours truly is a Certified Christian Life Coach!

Save the Dates: All events will be on Zoom and start at 10 am:

  • January 14, It's All About Taxes (Income and Property). REGISTER

  • February 4, Relationships

  • March 11, Review Preparation and What is Diversity and Inclusion?

  • April 1, Health and Wellness Series

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As always, such a right NOW word!!! Being intentional about our purpose is in alignment with us being obedient to God’s word. The body of Christ is and has been shifting since beginning of time and we are now experiencing a shift, elevation, the NEXT level of frequency. God will meet us right where we are but we have to TRUST and have FAITH where He’s leading.

Thanks for sharing your time and voice. Love you!!💎❤️⚔️⚔️🙏🏽

Mi piace
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