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Standing Faith

1 Corinthians 2:4-5 TPT “The message I preached and how I preached it was not an attempt to sway you with persuasive arguments but to prove to you the almighty power of God’s Holy Spirit. For God intended that your faith not be established on man’s wisdom but by trusting in his almighty power.”

Faith, Faith, Faith - How is your faith?  Is your faith in God standing stronger than ever or it is leaning like a gas needle almost on empty? Let’s talk. Is your faith based on your wisdom, Big Mommas, or some other human? These questions are not for the mustard seed believers because God has given you a special grace for the impossible.  These questions are for the mature believers in Christ, mountain-moving, water walking, and scripture-believing believers.  We are all being subpoenaed to the frontline.

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians because there was a lot of division and immorality transpiring and they needed to be reminded of all they had been taught. The Apostle Paul and Peter are two of my favorite authors in the Bible because a hmmm, I would have been friends with them.

If the Apostle Paul, who is one of the greatest of all times aka the GOAT (for the Young Saints), who once killed Christians and became the one God used mightily to preach and teach the ways of God. Why do you think you are strong enough to endure the Christian life on your own terms? Everything Paul wrote, spoke, demonstrated, and endured, he had to have God’s Spirit to do it. God’s Spirit is the believers' superpower and it is the only way we can be effective beyond our natural means. It is what we refer to as the supernatural!  

As we move on to verse 5, “For God intended that your faith not be established on man’s wisdom but by trusting in his almighty power.” Paul was clear, your faith should not be based on man’s wisdom but the power of the Holy Spirit. So, your faith can’t be about what you think, feel, or the latest church cliché’ but faith has to stand on the power of God.  

Faith in the power of God is the ability to demonstrate a mountain being cast into the sea and grants you the ability to decree what will be and the faith to see it as so.  Faith in the power of God is knowing your prayers have been answered and you stand in expectation to see the manifestation. Faith in the power of God gives you the ability to stand, believe and expect a mighty move of God, no matter what the situation is.

Standing Faith defined according to Bonnie, is to maintain an upright spiritual position with complete trust in the Power of God.  Faith is not based on man’s wisdom but in the POWER OF GOD!  I pray this word has encouraged you to keep Standing in Faith by the Power of God.

I pray and decree over your life that the Power of God will increase your capacity to believe like never before. That your faith will open doors and move mountains. You will see the Supernatural Power of God as you stand in faith. In the mighty name of Jesus, It Is So!

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LaShawn Thorpe
LaShawn Thorpe
2021년 12월 06일

As always, this is a good word because a lot of people struggle with having faith and believing God will provide. So this word of encouragement is needed and I appreciate you for giving it.

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