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It's Not What You Think It Is?

In Matthew 10:16, “·Listen [Look; Behold], I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as ·clever [wise; shrewd; cunning] as snakes [serpents] and as ·innocent [harmless] as doves. EXB

This scripture is very powerful! If you think about it, just because we are sheep does not mean we have to be weak, gullible or foolish. The instructions are clear, be clever and innocent in order to survive among the wolves.

The wolves I am referring are those who sit in the seat of authority over us or who work among us that misuse their authority or influence. It is easy to feel helpless and powerless when you do not know. Today we have the advantage to educate and empower ourselves through conversation and education, to learn what we are truly facing. Hosea 4:6 , ("My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge....")

Join us this Saturday at 10 am on Zoom, as we have the discussion about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace. Register Today

We will have a discussion to help you to recognize disparities, structural racism and race privilege in your workplace and ways to bring these issues to light in an effort to change the over all culture.

Father thank you in advance for giving me wisdom to walk among the wolves in the workplace. Empower me to continue to stand and be the light in darkness. Give me the knowledge, the will to speak and to stand for what is right. If I have misused my authority, I repent and ask you to show me a more excellent way. I choose not to perish for lack of knowledge. In the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen!

Upcoming Events:

A Conversation on Diversity Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace (D.E.I.) March 11 at 10 am. Register

Health is Wealth : Managing Your Health April 1 at 10 am. (Save the Date)

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Mar 06, 2023

Amen Nicole! Putting on the armour of God daily and equipping our mind (the word of God) is needed every day. The enemies tactics are not new but if you going out without both I pray you have pebble and slingshot to be ye ready!


Amen. We have NO EXCUSE to no hav on the full armor of God. For such a time as this we must be vigilant and always ready. Let us faint not for due season is here. Thanks for another great share! 🙏🏽⚔️❤️

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