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Who Are We?

Are you desiring to finish this year strong and begin a new year with a support system and an avenue to gain knowledge on life-changing topics, get inspiration from other women that get the situation you are in, and rejoice in the word of God? Then you are in the right place.

Living a Kairos Moment is like getting together with old friends and new faces, chatting it up, and walking away feeling refreshed, gaining new knowledge, and empowered to accomplish your goals.  


I have brought my friends, who are now Living a Kairos Moment Ambassadors to join the fun. We have been in the lab working on ourselves, honing our crafts and we are ready to invite you into our Kairos moments.  


If you have not registered, do so as soon as possible. We have limited virtual seats on Zoom. Yes, on Zoom, grab your coffee, get dressed up or down. Either way, we will not judge you!


Don’t let this Kairos Moment slip by. It might just be the very thing you need to make your shift into the new.

Meet the Kairos Ambassadors



An inspiration to all she comes in contact with. Shirley is the mother of two, a wife, and works full time. Through sheer determination and perseverance, she is a 2020 Culinary Chef graduate, and strongly believes love is the secret ingredient in anything she prepares.


This fall, Shirley will be pursuing her dream of working to obtain a bachelors degree at North Carolina Central University, furthering her love for learning.



A licensed minister, mother of two, and grandmother of one. Sharon is gifted to help others see the benefits of managing their money well to live wisely and abundantly, not from paycheck to paycheck.  She has helped numerous clients achieve financial freedom, purchase homes and financial success in their businesses.


Sharon holds an associate's degree in Business Administration, Accounting and will be furthering her education for a bachelor's in Finances this fall.



Multi-talented, plus she has a passion for helping and educating people on all levels from the working class to the underserved.


LaShawn desires to see people from all walks of life be treated fairly, given an honest opportunity to succeed and the chance to truly live their best lives.

She holds a masters, bachelors and the HRIC Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification.

Bonnie Event.png



Bonnie is the visionary behind Living A Kairos Moment, as well as, a wife, mother and a certified Christian Coach. Bonnie desires to provide a platform where women can be inspired, and where love is felt.


She is a blogger who writes from personal experiences and hopes to inspire others to see their life as a classroom full of Kairos moments! Her coaching sessions are full of kairos moments while helping others shift, stay focused on their goals and celebrating all of their wins no matter the size!

She is an active church leader and believes in being a servant leader regardless of where she serves. She serves on the schools PTO, a volunteer coach but enjoys the added titles of Soccer Mom to one, basketball mom of two and the sweetest of them all ballet mom to her partner in missions her daughter. She loves to be with family and friends - enjoying good food and lots of laughs.


Bonnie has a way with expressing the truths of the Bible in a tangible manner for all to glean and grow. She is a student of the word and uses the word to empower others with its wisdom.


Bonnie holds a bachelor's degree from NC Central University,  an associate's in Biblical Studies and desires to finish her master's degree in Executive Leadership.  

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