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Bonnie Harley
Founder, Living A Kairos Moment
Woman of God, Wife and Mother 
Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant & Software Analyst
NC Central University BA - Business Management

Bonnie Believes.


She is a friend, sister and cheerleader to all she comes in contact with because of her love for people. She believes in being the eyes, ears, hands and feet of God in the earth as an instrument that expresses the love of the Father to others.  She considers herself a secret agent for the Kingdom of God as she goes into the dark places in the earth shedding the light of Christ with humor, genuineness and being unapologetic for who God created her to be.


Bonnie Loves.


She doesn’t take herself too seriously. As a mother, her children keep her on her toes and are always testing her faith. With two charming boys and a force to be reckoned with daughter, they truly are the apple of her eye.  She is married to her king in the earth, whom God strategically placed in her path, as she was traveling to a singles conference. Proof that God has a sense of humor too. Bonnie credits her humorous personality traits to being the youngest of eight children and the right to blame her siblings for any issues she might have! She credits her mother and father for finally getting it right with her birth, but more so, for their love that she will forever cherish, memories that still make her smile and the firm hand used to train her!


Bonnie is in Awe.


She began texting encouraging words, many years ago, that evolved into writings she shared with others.  The writings became teachable moments that birthed “Living a Kairos Moment.” Kairos Moments are those moments where Bonnie was living in the moment, but heaven intervened with giving her revelation. Some would say it was a God moment, but for Bonnie, it was a Kairos moment.  The moments were not all centered around Bonnie, but those that she talked or wrote to, who sought her out seeking wisdom for life experiences or understanding. She has shared her writings as a contributing author and have spoken on podcast platforms.


Bonnie Is.


She loves to serve and believes it’s the highest calling.  She makes herself available to many, via text or a call, to always be in a position to help others live in their Kairos Moment.  She has seen elevation since she learned to serve others alongside her mother from a young age; from the junior choir and usher ministry, outreach, singles ministry, praise team, bible study teacher, women’s ministry and now Living a Kairos Moment!


Bonnie is Becoming.


She is a sought-after speaker for women’s gatherings, conferences and for her business acumen. If you would like to invite Bonnie to be your guest speaker or teacher at your next women’s event or if you are in need of leadership training, customer service training or motivational speaker at your next event weather in ministry or business, she'd love to hear from you. 

Bonnie Is Focused.

My true focus is to reach the young to mature woman who hides behind this mask that we call life. I encourage them through the word of God to Live a Kairos Moment on a daily. Simply put, I want you to experience Heaven kissing earth in your life daily.

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